Sunday, September 23, 2012


James Busby received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries including Kravets|Wehby Gallery, Stux Gallery, NY, The Chelsea Art Museum, NY, The Armory Show, NY, Scope New York, University of Richmond Museum,Virginia, New Gallery, TX, VCU University, VA, the Millennium Arts Center for the WPA/Corcoran Biennial, DC and most recently at Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard, Paris, FR. Busby’s work plays on the tension between the senses of vision and of touch, these tactile surfaces catch and reflect light in a way that shifts constantly, in response to the position of the viewer. What at first appear to be very improvisational, even casual gestures and residual brushstrokes are transformed into ciphers that refer to painterliness, rather than being it. The phantom of intentionality hovers over these works, and the longer one looks, the more difficult it is to determine which marks were accidental, and which might have been deliberate. This reframing of the element of chance is integral to the critical depth of these works, as they continuously enfold conceptual strength in perceptual indeterminacy. 

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